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What is Zir Chemed?
Zir Chemed was founded in Jerusalem in 1996 as the first specialist clinic to assist couples with infertility issues under halachic guidance. We have developed a unique holistic approach, offering counseling and emotional support as well as medical expertise.

Who does Zir Chemed help?
Zir Chemed assists couples from all walks of life, including the entire spectrum of the religiously observant Jewish community in Israel, and couples visiting from overseas.

How does Zir Chemed differ from other fertility clinics?
Religious Jewish couples seeking fertility treatment that takes their halachic needs into account are often disappointed by the attitudes of standard clinics. Zir Chemed's staff are not only well-versed in all the halachic aspects of fertility treatment, but they can access leading poskim whenever a question arises. Zir Chemed is blessed with a higher than average success rate in its fertility treatment, perhaps because the doctors also pray for their patients!

Does Zir Chemed only help couples in Israel?
Zir Chemed has connections in the U.S., England, Belgium, France and Canada. Our scientific director, Dr. Baruch Brooks, often travels overseas to explain halachic aspects of fertility treatment to Rabbis and doctors in communities around the world, and makes himself available for personal consultations.

Are fertility treatments expensive?
The cost of fertility treatments can be exorbitant, but some treatments are covered by Israel's health insurance companies. We work in conjunction with these kupot cholim wherever possible to reduce costs, and we seek the most naturally effective treatments in order to provide low-cost treatment to couples.

How would my donation help Zir Chemed?
Zir Chemed charges minimal fees to its patients and relies on charitable donations to cover office overheads. Your donation enables Zir Chemed to provide fertility treatment and counseling to couples who cannot afford to pay.

How can we contact the clinic?
In Israel, contact the Zir Chemed clinic at 02-653-6859.
You can also send an email to yitz@zirchemed.org

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