Zir Chemed - Halachic Fertility Center
Zir Chemed - Halachic Fertility Center

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15% of all couples face the heart-wrenching journey of infertility. Therapeutic procedures can be painful, the fees prohibitive, and the waiting and hoping an emotional roller-coaster. For religious Jewish couples, infertility can present even greater obstacles. Rabbis may be unaware of the nuances of this cheap highly specialized field of Jewish law, and many doctors are unfamiliar with religious couples' special needs.

Since 1996, Zir Chemed has helped thousands of couples to resolve their infertility by reconciling the complex and sometimes competing demands of science, halacha (Jewish law) and human emotions. Our medical staff provides medical treatment audemars piguet and emotional counseling within a Jewish framework.

Zir Chemed is renowned throughout Israel and the Jewish world for its pioneering approach and its high success rate, thanks to our medical expertise and the personal attention that we give to each couple.
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